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Gliss Kur Ultimate Oil Elixier
Shampoo, 200ml

ULTIMATE OIL ELIXIR is the gold standard of repair care for overstraped and streaked hair. The formula with nourishing oil-elixir and golden particles unleashes an unprecedented repair force and reduces hair color by up to 95% – in the system application shampoo, rinse and spa. Intensive Nutri-Repair Care and Anti-Hair Break ULTIMATE OIL ELIXIR works […]

Gliss Kur Oil Nutritive
Conditioner, 200ml

The OIL NUTRITIVE conditioner is specially designed for long, splinter-susceptible hair – for perfect combability and less split ends. The non-greasy formula with 8 valuable beauty oils nourishes the hair, enriches it down to the depth with a building keratin and repairs the hair structure from the inside. The tips are enveloped and protected – […]

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